Cyprus Wisteria


Born in Ishgard, Cyprus has been through far more than his kind smile lets on. Always ready to heal others in many ways, whether it be on the battlefield or spiritually. He spends most of his days keeping his Dragoon Husband out of harm's way, fulfulling promises to G'raha, and making sure Estinien spends within his means. He is charming, kind, witty, and easily approachable. A hero who always keeps smiling.

Tarot Card Reading Prices~

One card reading 8,000gil
Three card reading 25,000gil
Five card reading 80,000gil
Love Readings (for couples or singles) 80,000gil
Seven card reading 120,000gil
Spiritual Spreads 150,000gil
Ten card reading 200,000gil
* take what resonates, leave what doesn't

Get to know Cyprus~

Age: 28
Preferred Class(es): Astrologian, Reaper, Dancer
Gender: Genderqueer
Pronouns: He/They (but he does not mind any pronouns honestly)
Relationship status: Married and Polyamourous
Likes: Rain, Sweets, Tea, Sincerity, Small Animals, bullying his loved ones lovingly, Music
Dislikes: Mushrooms, Hot Weather, Dishonesty, Anyone who poses a threat to his loved ones